Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday January 1st, 2010

New Year's Day, Smithville, Missouri, USA

Woke up early to greet an icy, icy New Year's Day with temperatures of -15 degrees Centigrade (5 degrees Fahrenheit). The sun was just tinting the horizon in the East and the Blue Moon of 31st December, 2009 was setting in the West. I couldn't resist going out to capture the new dawn even though I was barefoot and there is still deep snow around the house. I was torn as to which photo to post as my first - the setting moon or the rising sun but as the first day of the year and the promises of new beginnings I had to go with the rising sun.

F/4.5, 1/100, ISO 1600, 22mm


  1. As I'm not a morning person I'll have to rely on you to see what a winter morning actually looks like! lol Gorgeous, Anita! The colors are amazing.

  2. Billie - the sky got better and better but I haven't figured out how to actually get the camera to capture the exact colours I see. There was a cloud that was hot pink against the plae apricot of the sky - just stunning!

  3. This is a great idea Anita. I recently started doing a daily photo and have really loved it!

  4. Rose - I had toyed with the idea of a sketch a day but think this is more achievable.